A retailer using our Point of Sale software approached us at one of our user meetings last week to share their story of following some very specific advice we provided at a user meeting two years ago.

As a result of following our advice, our customer added $8,000 to their bottom line that year.

Talk about the value of user meetings!

We were thrilled to hear this story not only recognising the value of our specific retail advice but also for the fact that it is good retail news. ¬†With so many happy to report doom and gloom about retail, we have many in our tower Systems user community who are enjoying success and we’re happy to share this success.

A key part of our user meetings is the retail advice we share. We always look to go beyond the software and leave our customers with changes they can make, decisions they can implement which add dollars to their bottom line and reinforce the commercial value of partnering with us.

Anyone who wants details of the advice just ask and we’d be happy to share one on one.