Following an extensive beta release and comprehensive in-house quality assurance work, we will ship our latest major Point of Sale software update on CD next week.

Yes, on CD.

We are shipping this software update on CD to provide our customers with their annual, backup copy of the software. While the update is available for download from our website, the CD copy provides a full installation version which our customers are encouraged to store in a safe place. With just this CD and a current backup of data, our customers can get uo and running quickly and without the need for an internet connection.

Any reasonable business disaster plan would require that a retailer has offline access to current business software and data. Hence our decision to spend around $15,000 manufacturing and distributing CDs to all retail sites using our software and which are part of our Tower AdvantageTM program.  Our investment in this is an excellent example of our commitment to excellent customer service.

While retailers could copy our software only a USB stick themselves, the reality is that most would not. They are not computer experts and generally not good disaster planners. This is why we are spending the money to take this important disaster planning step for them.

Software companies which do not provide their small business users with a hardcopy (on CD or USB) are missing the opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service.