We are hosting a meeting of our Point of Sale software users in sunny and wet Cairns today.  This is the second last stop on our current round of user meetings.  We more than 20 businesses coming in Cairns today along to hear about our software enhancements, participate in some training and to share ideas for future releases of our software.

We are proud to have delivered on our user meeting promise. Too often software companies claim that they run user meetings and training sessions when they do not.  This latest series shows that Tower Systems remains true to its promises, delivering excellent free face to face training and customer service opportunities.

While it sounds great travelling around the country getting to places like Cairns, it’s hard work being away from home, hosting the sessions and maintaining your regular workload. At most of our sessions we have three team members – to ensure enough time for answering one on one questions.  The time investment by the team members and the company is considerable.