Despite what is reported by the mainstream media, our assessment is that independent retail is travelling well in Australia. Certainly that is what we hear from many small and independent retailers using our retail management software.

With well over 2,000 retailers as customers, we get to canvass trading performance information. This is what leads is to acknowledge that retail at the independent level is travelling well. Sure there are speed bumps here and there. However, retailers offering a valued unique selling proposition and backing this with excellent customer service are generating excellent sales growth on last year.

We are sharing this message of retail success at our current round of user meetings and highlighting the good news in retail and outlining how retailers can leverage our retail management software to help them deliver these points of difference and drive their own success.

We refuse to feed into the media infatuation of doom and gloom for retail.  Not only because we are a positive bunch here but because such pessimism should not be lumped on all retailers.  There are success stories out there and concentrating on these helps not only the retailers but also Australian shoppers.