The decision by Pandora to withdraw from any independent retailers in Australia over the last few months has been a hot topic on the floor of the Gift Fair and the Home and Giving Fair in Sydney this week.

The decision by the loved international Jewellery brand to retreat to a new retail model that does not include many independent retailers has angered these retailers and guided them to look for alternative product to take up the space previously occupied by Pandora.

This whole situation could have been handled better by Pandora and in a way which may not have seen their name and reputation being talked down as much as is happening now.

We are working with jewellers using our Jeweller Software to help them make decisions around the kinds of products which will work based on the sales data gathered through our software. We have some excellent reports which can be used to guide product purchase decisions. The data in our reports can guide demographic and other decisions and thereby choices on Pandora replacement products.