We know from our work with bike retailers using our bike shop management software the value the bike retailers bring to the bike riding community. The advice alone is invaluable from bike selection to riding tips to safety advice to networking and making friends.

Websites selling bikes and bike accessories cannot compete with such a personal and live value-add. This is where bike retailers with a physical store presence do better than websites.  Bike websites sell on price.  Price does not respect the value of the other services and it is the other services which enhance the bike riders experience.

This is where there is tremendous value in bike shops, a value we seek to reflect in how our bike shop management software engages with the bike retailers. There are many ways our bike shop software can be and is used to lift up and respect the added value of physical store. We work with bike shop retailers to achieve this.

Here at Tower Systems we have a passion for retail, retail business owners and all who work in retail.  We appreciate opportunities to help in every way we can.  We see this as similar to the passion bike retailers have for their customers and the sport and fun of bike riding.