Access POS newsagency software users can upgrade to the newsagency software from Tower Systems and thereby join a newsagency POS software user community with around ten times more newsagents than currently using the Access POS software.

As the industry standard newsagency software as voted by newsagents, Tower is continuing to consolidate market share thanks to its investment not only excellent software for newsagents but it’s proven commitment to excellent customer service for newsagents.

By offering an upgrade path for Access POS newsagency software users, Tower is able to provide access to the 1,750+ strong newsagency user community connected with Tower Systems. This large newsagent user community enables Tower to deliver a service experience newsagents love.

Access POS users, like all newsagents switching to Tower, have access to in-store face to face training, 24/7 help desk support, advice sheets, training videos, online training and regular software updates.