More and more newsagents are strategically evolving their businesses as a result of the valuable business data curated through our newsagency software.

While the core focus of our software is the efficient management of businesses on a day to day and broader perspective, the data we gather and curate also serves to highlight business growth opportunities.

We are seeing retail newsagents evolve into areas aligned with current products. We are also seeing newsagents take on completely new areas based on data accessed through their software.

Through our business advice service we work with newsagents in highlighting opportunities they may not see for themselves.  The result is the presentation of options on which they ultimately decide for themselves.

This is core to our long-term mission for all of our customers – to guide value-based long-term decisions for the business that deliver outcomes way beyond the cash register where Point of Sale software has historically tended to focus.

We see the Point of Sale function as the data gatherer, sales efficiency driver and customer service manager. It’s what we all do with the data that matters the most. This is where we shine through our long history of helping retailers and newsagents and our own experiences as retailers.

It’s where the Tower AdvantageTM shines too.  We are grateful for the opportunity and thrilled with the results.