Trade shows are important to us for sales and for connecting with retailers who use our  Point of Sale software.  Here are just some of the Australian trade shows where our software will be on show in 2012 including a couple of already completed trade shows.

  1. Home and Giving Fair, Sydney. 25-28 Feb 2012. This was a massive sales and customer service success for us.
  2. JAA Melbourne Jewellery Fair, Melbourne. 4-5 March 2012. This, too, was a terrific success for us.
  3. newsXpress National Conference. Melbourne March 8 & 9 2012.
  4. Home and Giving Fair, Melbourne. 4-8 August 2012
  5. JAA Sydney Jewellery Fair, Sydney. 2-4 September 2012
  6. Ausbike Bike Expo, Melbourne. 12-14 October 2012
  7. Ancol SA (the associated newsagents co-operative), Adelaide. 29 July 2012
  8. GNS Market Fairs Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.
  9. Green Expo Sydney.

There will be more added through the year in addition to our own user meeting and other events where we put our software and support services on public view.