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Stocktake flexibility with Point of Sale software and your iPad

More and more retailers are using the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy tab and other devices for undertaking in-store stock takes through their Point of Sale software.

Being able to move about the retail space without a cable and accurately counting stock on hand results in accurate inventory records with a minimum of interruption to shoppers.

An accurate stock on hand count if your POS software is to provide accurate reordering of stock. An inaccurate on-hand count will certainly result in inaccurate reordering.

The best practice advice is for a retail business to undertake rolling stock takes, counting stock on hand for a section of the retail store every few days. By breaking the task into management segments enables the business to complete this by using existing staff and thereby not having to bring in specialists. It also provides the business an early indicator of shop floor shrinkage.

By enabling stock take work to be undertaken on devices like the iPad and Galaxy Tab, we are helping retailers to drive more use of these devices. The more uses for a device the greater the return a business can achieve.

Tower Systems supports use of the tablet computers without retailers having to purchase additional software licences.


  1. Mark, I can’t find anywhere on the website on what is required to get an ipad working with the pos software for stocktaking,etc.
    I saw there had been earlier tutorial sessions, but there are no advice sheets, videos on what steps are reqd?

  2. Doug, support can guide you. Also, check out T13.

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