At recent trade shows we have invited gift shop owners using our gift shop software to share their feedback for possible inclusion in fresh marketing material. The responses have been wonderful, ranging from the practical (we are saving 9 hours a week from the roster) to the emotional (I feel like I have my life back).

We love all customer feedback as it informs us about the contribution our soft are is making in gift shop businesses partnering with us.

The most significant contributions our software makes as recorded by our customers include:

  • Saving time in managing inventory.
  • Managing and driving shopper loyalty.
  • Providing instant access to accurate business data and through this guiding better quality business decisions.
  • Streamlining the sales counter – improving accuracy and helping customers enjoy the sales experience more.
  • Helping the business sell more products.
  • Helping the owners complete record keeping in a faction of the time it used to take.
  • Providing peace of mind about the future of the business.

We love these trade show and user meeting opportunities as they help our team unlock more benefits for our customers. In asking what they think of our software we open the door for a discussion about what else they might achieve with the software they have.

Independent and small gift shops exist in a tough and competitive marketplace. Our job is to provide them with tools to help them compete and grow.