For some years we have offered a direct to supplier sales data feed from retailers using our Point of Sale software.

Connected suppliers use the data feed to provide fast access to sales information. This enables them to monitor early action flowing from advertising campaigns. It also helps the engaged suppliers to adjust their supply chain and more quickly respond to shop floor inventory needs.

A more efficient supply chain which is based on timely access to accurate sales data enables retailers to reduce their inventory investment without negatively impacting sales.

The exclusive connection we provide also facilitates a closer and more valuable relationship between supplier and retailer. Suppliers love this. Indeed, they can bank on the results.

We work with suppliers showing how the accurate data feed can even reduce field-force labour costs for suppliers. This frees costs which can go straight to their bottom line depending on business decisions they make.

We know from recent reviews of retail overseas that our retailer / supplier sales data connection is at the forefront on such facilities, especially given that we are doing this with an for small independent retailers who are all too often forgotten when it comes to technology innovation.