Thirty six hours after receiving a call for help from a retailer stranded with a Point of Sale system which had stopped working we were in their business, training them on our software having already prepared for them a fresh stock file around which they could easily customise for their specific needs.

Whereas in the past retailers may have persevered with software which was not serving their needs, today we are seeing more retailers switch in pursuit of software which does better serve their needs.

This is a good situation. It puts customers in charge. It makes software companies, those with an eye to the future, work harder to satisfy customers through good Point of Sale software and through better service.

Retailers who understand the cost which poorly supported or inappropriate software can have on their business are the ones most likely tom make a decision to switch. They see software as an asset to be cultivated. Those who see software as a necessary evil are less likely to make a move out of disappointment or frustration.

We understand the importance of good software, fit for purpose software, backed by timely and professional support. This is reflected in the continual enhancement of our software, our skilled training and support teams and our many opportunities for continued learning about what the software can achieve in the businesses in which it is used.

Our new customer who switched recently and wanted it completed as a matter of urgency is now settling into our software. We are taking them through our usual new customer training process and, at the same time, respecting that they need to un-learn their previous system while they learn ours. We manage this thanks to the skills and experience we have in this area.

It’s a highly competitive Point of Sale software marketplace and we love it. Smart retailers who embrace the opportunity of competition among POS vendors are the winners.