Small retailers are vitally important economically and socially to Australia from the employment they provide to the local communities they support to the innovation they drive.

By small retailers we mean retailers turning over $500,000 a year or less.

These small retailers are more likely to be self funded and local, operating from one shop. They are the types of businesses which struggle to access low-cost capital, leaving the owners to invest sweat equity and find smart ways of operating.

We love these small retailers and their innovation. We love what they bring to our country economically.

This is why we support small and independent retailers – for the contribution the make to our country nationally and locally. Indeed, we serve around 2,500 of these small retailers today so we know about about their operation from inside out. We get to work with them daily and through this have developed a deeply held respect for what they do.

So while governments fling hundreds of millions of dollars at big business, small retailers are often innovating and contributing without any government support, supporting down the line employment opportunities for other businesses. The innovation and local community from small retailers is, in our view, more valuable than some government supported big businesses.

While our software is used by some large businesses, some doing hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, more than  75% of our customers are in small retailers … hence our passion for this niche of Australian retailers.