In the seven-day cycle that is retail today, Tower Systems has structured its Point of Sale software customer service offering to serve retailers who trade every day.

Thanks to extended help desk hours, easy after hours support access, email support, website based support, training videos, more than 200 advice sheets and regular live training opportunities, the company helps retailers and retail employees have access to vital knowledge and assistance when they need it.

Since we primarily support small and independent retailers, the needs for more accessible support is stronger than in bigger retail businesses where an internal IT support team is usually the first port of call.

Last weekend provided several good examples of our commitment to through the weekend support.  We were able to answer more than forty queries from customers from the simple to the complex with the most common being requests for additional knowledge on how to use part of the software.

Handling these queries through the weekend and at the time of the request saved our customers time and delivered support when it was needed. This is a point of difference for us, a practical demonstration of our commitment to delivering a best of breed customer service experience.