Tower Systems is working with several Australian retailers in a range of retail niches, either in shopping centres or looking to get into a shopping centre lease, to help them negotiate more equitable terms.

By tapping into quality business performance data cultivated by our Point of Sale software and providing analysis and verification of the data. Tower Systems is able to help retailers make their case in negotiations with landlords.

Rent negotiations are complex and time consuming. We know from our own past and current retail business ownership experience.  If a retailer can make a case around business performance and efficiency it can be that the landlord will agree to terms which otherwise not be available.

Too often, retailers go to a landlord asking for a reduction in rent or some other economic benefit with little to back their claim. By bringing accurate data and data analysis to the table representing the tenant, Tower Systems is able to help the retailer make their case.

Going beyond traditional assistance for retailers, Tower Systems is able to demonstrate a level of assistance which is not only practical but also economically valuable … showing that the the company is not your average software company.