Very few Point of Sale software companies use their own software in their own retail businesses … because it is rare for a software company to own and operate a retail business.

Tower Systems has owned and operated retail businesses since February 1996, giving the company a competitive advantage that it has successfully leveraged. Indeed, this is considered a key reason Tower has been so successful in attracting retailers to its software.

Our most recent software update is a good example of the value of having our own retail businesses. We are able to drop the latest software into our own shops at the alpha release level, before the update is considered ready for beta release. This enabled our development team to get feedback on the update sooner than had we not had access to our own retail businesses.

Being able to see new software in use in a live retail situation without disrupting a client’s business is also vital as it gives our developers a place where they can play with more flexibility and freedom than otherwise might be the case.

One reason our software is so well liked by retailers is that it has gone through this process and benefited from field-testing before it reaches our customer field.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 2,500 retailers, providing quality Point of Sale software and access to a professional and committed help desk service that supports all users of the software. We love retailers who love themselves.