Retailers need to know what their customers are purchasing, not just from an overall perspective but also in each sale and what sells best with what.

We have seen retailers gasp when they see how often a popular item sells by itself. Likewise, we have seen retailers respond in shock when they see items selling with each other in a quantity they at first refused to accept was happening.

Our Point of Sale software makes access to this data easy.

Basket data can change the way a retailer views their business. It eliminates gut feel and opinion and replaces these with facts, data based facts which accurately record what is happening in the business.

Good basket data can help retailers make moves in-store that can make more money for the business. Once you know your top sellers across the board and by department and what sells with them you can set about leveraging this knowledge for more sales. The more you sell to existing shoppers the more you make.

Thanks to smart reporting tools in our Point of Sale software we are able to help retailers access valuable basket data. We go beyond this by offering to explain what these terrific reports show, so that better business decisions can be made.

We understand that technology can be daunting for some people, this is why our help desk offers to help our customers understand reports like our basket analysis – so that our customers get the most from the reports.