Self-esteem about your retail business is just as important as self esteem for an individual.

If you don’t love your business how can you care for it?

This is a question that needs to be asked of small business retailers. It is a question which demands a personal and heartfelt answer.

Too often in our work here at Tower Systems we encounter retail business owners (and employees) who do not love their businesses. Indeed, we sometimes see retailers who hate their businesses. Some have lost their way, others are tired and others are over-geared and too worried about money to love their businesses.

We try and help where we can and where help is wanted. This begins by understanding the business, where it is at and where it could be. We look for opportunities, positive shoots around which we can work with the business owners and employees on addressing the factors that have caused them to lose passion for what they do.

This is not the type of work you would often see being undertaken by a software company. Tower Systems is not your average software company.

We are passionate about small and independent retail businesses. Our passion is reflected in our software, our regular suite of customer services and in helping retailers deal with bigger-picture issues such as how they feel about their businesses.

We are able to work with retailers because of our understanding of business performance data and because we are retailers too. We understand that retail can be challenging and that some days the obstacles to happiness in retail can be considerable. We draw on the practical and the personal to help the retailers we work with find ways fall in love with their businesses again.

So much about a business changes when those who work in it love the business. There is a commercial imperative to retailers and their employees loving the business.

Our most senior managers do this work within Tower Systems on a pro bono basis, helping retailers fall in love with their businesses again. We love doing it.

This post is part of a series of communications, by this blog, face to face and through other media in support of retail businesses, their owners and their employees … in pursuit of a more positive and proactive approach around building business success.