Tower Systems is leveraging its ownership of several retail businesses to provide its Point of Sale software help desk team members with practical in-store training on how the software is actually used.

Too often, help desk team members in a software company have the knowledge of how to use the software yet lack experience on how this can be applied practically to deliver the best outcome for retailers. They rarely get out in the field, seeing how the software is used in the world. This holds them back from being able to help customers.

By bringing help desk team members to the shop floor and engaging them in using the software themselves, in a live environment, they can add experience to their knowledge and through this better service retailers who call the Tower help desk.

This additional in-store training is part of the commitment from Tower Systems to deliver a truly valuable customer help desk experience. We understand that key to this is a layer of experience wrapped around excellent product knowledge.

The training sessions will be held over the next few weeks. They are not the fist run by Tower Systems for the help desk team members and will certainly not be the last.