Tower Systems is proud to support the international Shop Locally campaign, a social media driven campaign aimed at getting people to shop locally, in a small and independent retail businesses.

While operating in different models in different countries, Shop Locally is really about educing shoppers of the benefits of shopping locally, near their home or workplace … saving time, fuel costs and benefiting the environment.

With more than 2,500 small, local and independently owned retailers as customers of Tower Systems, we are well positioned to help retailers to engage in a local shopping promotion, along the lines of the Shop Locally campaigns.

Our engagement is about educating our retail user community and networking with local shopping campaigns around the world, tapping into their initiatives and sharing our ideas in this vitally important and community driven campaign.

There is no doubt about the value of shopping locally:

  1. Supporting the local economy.
  2. Supporting the local community.
  3. Saving time.
  4. Saving fuel.
  5. A lower carbon footprint.
  6. More personal local community engagement.

And this list is just a start. Watch for our engagement here and elsewhere as we with with the Tower Systems retail community on ways they can promote local shopping. It’s good for local communities and the retail businesses which serve them.