The Tower Systems Garden Centre and Nursery Software is growing in popularity thanks to wonderful word of mouth support from retailers who have installed the software, often replacing other garden centre or nursery software.

With more than a year and a half of working with garden centres and nurseries in most states of Australia, the experience of the Tower Systems support team is now considerable, covering a range of retail circumstances.

Our work with garden centre suppliers further enhances the offer. For example, being compliant with and approved by Danks in the EDI (electronic invoice) space provides Tower Systems and its customers with a confidence not only of capabilities but also with commitment to embracing and engaging with professional industry standards.

Having replaced other systems in our time serving this retail channel, we have become experienced at helping business owners migrate business data and re-educate employees.

Our garden centre and nursery software install base covers small, even micro, businesses through to multi location retail and wholesale operations.  Regardless of the size of each business, all share common needs, needs that are specific to garden centre and nursery businesses, needs which are met by our specialist software.

From retail sales, to employee engagement, to inventory control to loyalty marketing, The Tower Systems Garden Centre and Nursery software serves the marketplace needs well.

Our software delivers to garden centres sound business management tools as well as opportunities for growing sales, like the gift cards which our customers can use to capture sales when the perfect gift may not be available in-store.

Garden centre and nursery owners are able to tap into our 24/7 help desk support network, ensuring that questions they have are answered in a timely and professional manner.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company serving in excess of 2,500 small and independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea The Cook Islands and several other countries.  The company also operates several retail businesses, providing it with personal and practical retail experience through which it can better understand the needs of its customers.