The latest release of the Tower Systems software for jewellers delivers access to enhancements that will help jewellers of all sizes.

Developed in association with jewellers already using our jeweller software, the latest enhancements are live and ready for use.

Included in the enhancements is greater flexibility for jewellers in allocating inventory across stores from a central location.  Indeed, the enhancements in this area are part of a suite of enhancements designed from group store situations, giving central management offices more authority.

The latest software update also delivers workflow enhancements following advice from shop floor users of our software. By watching how people use the software in real-life mode, we have been able to make adjustments to save time at key work process points, delivering valuable benefits to our customers.

Jewellers use the Tower Systems software for a range of tasks including: Point of Sale, stock control, theft management, employee performance tracking, customer loyalty, supplier electronic invoices, sale and catalogue management, business reporting, business security, business decision guidance, customer account management and accounting system data interface.

This latest jeweller software update now in wide beta release is the second major update for 2012, progressing the achievements of the year considerably and maintaining our goal of major advances for jewellers using our software this year.

The next update is just a few weeks away and it will also contain business enhancing opportunities.

These software updates are provided to jewellers covered by our Tower AdvantageTM customer support and service program.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company serving in excess of 2,500 small and independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea The Cook Islands and several other countries.  The company also operates several retail businesses, providing it with personal and practical retail experience through which it can better understand the needs of its customers.