The process of enhancing software its complex and time consuming. It is not something to rush, especially given that any change you make could impact on more than 2,000 retail businesses. It is vital that software enhancements are well-considerd, right and genuinely valuable.

We look at each change up for consideration from a range of angles include usefulness, value and execution.

Too often we see software companies make changes which are not much ore than cosmetic, changes which fail to deliver on the potential for improving business performance and, ultimately, the bottom line.

As retailers ourselves we see the value of well-considered professional software enhancements. This is what we strive for. While the result occasionally takes longer than others, the result is almost always better: better execution, better value to the retail business, better integration of external links and resources which could be part of any change.

By taking a thorough and professional approach and involving various departments in our business we are able to deliver software enhancements which genuinely add value. Once we include consideration and input from software architecture, visual design, business process design and marketing we have a well-rounded view of an enhancement. The process of debate around software enhancements also sees us test the approach we plan to take. This can often lead to us avoiding the mistakes which a lest robust and challenged process will result in.

Software development is not a race. Given that good software will be used for many years, it is more important to get it right than to cross a finish line first. Indeed, the finish line could be years out when users assess the total package – software, support, enhancements. This is why we take out time, follow a professional and structured approach and consult widely … and win more customers along the way.