Tower Systems helps newsagents using the POS Solutions software to upgrade to the Tower Systems newsagency software in a range of ways. The package of assistance was developed in response to newsagents approaching the company and have proven to be successful over many years.

The POS Solutions – Tower Systems conversion package includes:

  1. In-store one on one training.
  2. Data conversion where POS Solutions enables the extraction of data.
  3. Follow up training – long after the installation.
  4. Access to experts who have undertaken many POS Solutions software conversions.
  5. Access to newsagents who have converted.
  6. Re-training of employees in business processes to leverage time saving opportunities.
  7. Strategic planning advice to proactively eliminate surprises along the way.

This is a carefully constructed and considered package which has helped many newsagents make the switch. With more than 1,800 newsagent customers, Tower Systems is resourced to help newsagents make the switch understanding that people switching from other software have needs which are different to the usual first time software installation.

With well over 200 newsagents switching from POS Solutions to Tower Systems and only a fraction going the other way, Tower has become skilled in making the transition easier.