Adult shop owners can rely on the new Tower Systems Adult Shop software to deliver valuable business benefits. With adult shops already using the software, we have excellent feedback from the field showing the day to day as well as longer term benefits for a typical adult shop.

Evolved to meet the needs of adult shops, this software handles all the usual Point of Sale requirements in retail management software as well as adult shop specific requirements. User feedback is that it offers a genuinely valuable solution.

Adult shops are using the software today to manage:

  • DVD sale and return.
  • Automated replenishment orders from suppliers.
  • Club entry.
  • Employee performance.
  • Employee rosters.
  • Customer theft reduction.
  • Employee theft reduction.
  • Integrated, faster and more accurate EFTPOS processing.
  • Vouchers to drive return shopper business.
  • Seasonal pricing offers.
  • Customer loyalty management and rewards.

There is plenty more to this adult shop software which adult shop owners and managers can use to drive better business results.

It all comes down to profitability. Used well, the Tower Systems adult shop software drives business profitability, making the businesses more valuable for the business owners.

Thanks to a program of regular enhancements, the adult shop software in the market today will evolve to meet new needs and leverage in the field experience to help businesses achieve more from its use.

What is interesting about our adult shop software work is the leanings applying to other marketplaces. We have discovered business management practices in adult shops which will be useful in several other retail niches. Through our software we will pass these on.