While switching another newsagent to our newsagency software last week, the newsagent called their old newsagency software company to advise them of the move. What was expected to be a courteous call turned nasty quickly.

The owner of the software company yelled at our new customer, criticising their decision to switch to us. In their rant they made several claims about Tower Systems which are untrue. One of our installation experts was on hand to hear the call.

The best way any software company can stop people switching from their software to that of another company is by providing genuinely valuable and up to date software and to back this up with easy to access customer service.

No software company owns a customer. Internally, we regularly remind ourselves that we are only as good as the last support call and only as good as the last software update. The reminders focus our attention on doing our best today, in this moment, and not resting on laurels earned years ago.

Why people purchase software can be different to why they continue to use the software. This is where everyday timely and professional customer service and quality software updates are vital. The lack of either is the usual reason people switch software.

We are thrilled to be growing our newsagency software customer base through acquisition as well as through winning new customers a site at a time. W are equally thrilled with an excellent customer retention rate as indicated through optional annual software supper uptake.

The competitor who yelled at their former customer last week reinforced the decision the newsagent had made some weeks earlier and provided them with a story which will no doubt be shared with colleagues.