Thanks to the new world-renowned Sugar Professional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution we licensed and switched to last month, we are better able to harvest feedback from our Point of Sale software customers on support quality and value.

A third of all calls are followed up with a two-question survey inviting customers to rate the call based on a couple of criteria. This is done immediately following the call, by email when we advise that the query has been resolved and closed.  The feedback data is automatically collated and reported on by help desk team member.

Each survey takes a few seconds and provides fresh feedback on the call just ended.

This is like a retailer being able to ask a customer as they leave their store how they liked the service.

The data we are gathering is helping is even further improve our service and share kudos with those rated most highly by our customers.

Turning on this more consistent and automated customer feedback service is another way we make ourselves accountable to our customers.  While we have done surveys in the past and will continue for longer-term views, checking in which customer satisfaction immediately after a call is more valuable.

Investing in this facility has enhanced the structure around customer service. Structure is critical if a business like ours is to provide a consistent customer service experience for our growing community of customers.