One of our goals as a software company supplying Point of Sale software to retailers is to help retail business owners and employees enjoy working in their businesses more.

We pursue this goal through our software and through the training, support and business analysis services we provide.

While it would be easy to sell our POS software and provide the usual type IT support for this, we reach higher. We do this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Delivering beyond what is traditional for a POS software company is a valuable and valued point of difference for us.
  2. We derive more enjoyment for ourselves by helping our customers in ways which are non traditional for a business like ours.

Without wanting to sound cliché or trite, our approach is a genuine win win. We get to enjoy a non-traditional software company experience and our customers access value beyond what they could expect from an average software company.

Enjoyment of Point of Sale software is more than software that works. It is abut software which genuinely improves in value with time, software which unlocks unexpected value for the business and services which help those working in retail to develop skills which make them more saleable and help them enjoy each day more.

What is important is that we live these points of difference. They are part of the Tower Systems experience. While anyone can write a blog post claiming they act a certain way, what really matters is how we act – bringing to life the words (claims) we publish.

We welcome suggestions from our customers and others on how we can help retailers and those who work in retail even more.