Retailers are forever filling in forms: for government, landlords, banks and others. We have retailers using our Point of Sale software to navigate this time consuming work with easy access to the data  required for the forms.

Where we are able, we create a report in our software that retailers can print and submit instead of having to complete form manually. This is the ideal way of saving time.

Cutting labour requirements is vital for retail given the high cost for what are often tight margin businesses.

To help retailers in this area we talk to suppliers, industry associations and government. Sometimes we hit immovable blocks while other times we are able to deliver tremendous time savings.

It is this often back office work where a good Point of Sale system can make a big efficiency difference to a retail business. It’s where we want to continue to make a difference.

Operating across several retail marketplaces enables us to harvest learnings from a variety of suppliers and retailers and leverage this broader view for individual retail channels.