More and more of our retailers are using LCD customer displays and our Point of Sale software to drive impulse purchases at the point of purchase.

Thanks to smart POS software integrated technology retailers are able to serve ads before, during and after sales which can guide shoppers to increase their spend in-store.

While retailers have complete control over what is shown on their displays, from video to stills, we work with a range of national suppliers to provide consistent content connected with national campaigns.

The current Win a Barina Spark! Campaign from Pacific Magazines is a good example of the use of the clever POS software / LCD technology pairing. At the sales counter, shoppers are reminded of the opportunity to purchase a magazine to get in the running to win a car.

Professional and appealing content like we see for the Win a Barina Spark! campaign connects the business with whet they see on mainstream media and elsewhere and this is more like to drive shopper engagement.