Tower Systems Managing Director Mark Fletcher was a guest speaker at the GNS National sales Conference in the Hunter Valley in NSW earlier this week. GNS is the largest supplier of stationery to newsagents.

The presentation provided an opportunity to share insights and opportunities relating to newsagency businesses and to explore how some newsagencies are evolving from the traditional model.

Being the only software company representative at the conference presented Tower with another example to demonstrate its leadership in the newsagency channel and with newsagent suppliers.

The National Sales Conference provided the GNS team with time out of the business to reflect on trends, connect with suppliers, network internals and discuss plans for the future. It’s an excellent investment in their business.

Tower Systems is the leading supplier of newsagency software in Australia. Serving in excess of 1,800 newsagents, the company has a proud reputation of leadership in technology, business practices and business strategy.