Jewellers like to win customers for more than a single sale. Ideally, they win customers for life or certainly many years. Through innovative design of their products, excellent customer service, attention to detail and value product offerings, jewellers win shoppers for many years, sometimes even beyond a generation.

Jewellers using the Jewellery business software from Tower Systems are able to leverage their own innovation with business management tools and practices which reinforce their good work. Our jeweller specific retail business management software helps jewellers win customers for life. Our software offers a range of tools for nurturing customer relationships. Here are some of them…

  1. Loyalty marketing including rewards points.
  2. Customer history tracking and reporting.
  3. Customer database cultivation – email, txt and other.
  4. Cross and up selling during sale.
  5. Product adjacency guidance.
  6. Coupons on receipts.
  7. Receipt flexibility including high-end attractive receipts designed for premium luxury businesses.
  8. Sales person management and tracking – rewarding the sales people who reward the business.

There are many ways our Jeweller management software serves businesses, helping them focus on their customer relationships and thereby encouraging the shoppers to return again and again to the business. While product is important, so are back office and sales counter processes – they help give the shoppers experiences which they come to trust and respect.

We are grateful to the jewellers who share their ideas and thoughts with us, ideas and thoughts which help us continue to evolve our jeweller software.