Retailers need to check that they receive what they actually pay for when taking delivery of a new Point of sale system, especially if it involved hardware as well as software. Too often we have found retailers have been provided something less than quoted, less than they paid for. Here’s what should come with new hardware:

  • The original box from the manufacturer.
  • A written warranty.
  • A licence for any operating software including any CDs and keys to enable the software to be installed on the computer again.
  • Components inside the computer which match what you have been sold.
  • Any other confirmation that this is a new computer.
  • Details of whom to call should there be a warranty claim.

Being supplied second-hand hardware when you order new hardware or being supplied no name hardware when you have been told it is a trusted brand could mean you have been ripped off. The time to check this is when you are supplied.

Tower Systems supplies new hardware from brand name companies. All hardware is supplied in original boxes with manufacturer paperwork. All of our computers are from HP and come with an on site HP-backed warranty.