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Paying for software support should be optional

Retailers considering purchasing Point of Sale software need to ensure that software support coverage is optional. We have seen situations where support is not optional and when not paid retailers are blocked from accessing their business data.

Ask the question and get the answer in writing as part of a proposed contract. Otherwise you could find that business data you have gathered through the year is no longer accessible unless you pay a mandatory fee.

At Tower Systems, software support coverage is optional. It always has been. We believe that the data you enter and cultivate using our software is yours to access whenever.


  1. do you like your competition lock out xchangeit if support is not paid or as they say registration license.

  2. Not at all. Never have.

  3. do you believe that this practise is ethical I sure as hell don’t

  4. P it all depends on how the system is sold. If they are up front and the system is subsequently purchased then ok. If it was not disclosed and then they introduce the charge then I’d question it.

    Tower Systems does not act this way and will not act this way.

  5. Thanks it is something to keep in mind(food for thought)

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