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While Coles and Woolworths fight over customers, small business delivers value

We are fascinated by the money supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles are spending in their latest price and loyalty war. Each is trying to outdo the other with their claims of discounts and loyal shopper benefits.

Smart shoppers who price and service compare an independently owned retail business with Coles or Woolworths will often find that the independent retailer offers better value, value in the form of price, service, social responsibility and even respected brand range.

Small and independent retailers and the lifeblood of the Australian economy and they are our customers here at Tower Systems.

We recently compared prices charged by some retailers using our Point of sale software with nearby major supermarkets. Yes, our customers were cheaper on everyday items despite the advertising by the supermarkets.

Australian consumers need to look beyond the advertising campaigns and check for themselves. Often, the genuine value offered by a business is the inverse of what it spends in advertising its claimed value proposition.

We support our community of small and independent retailers by delivering retail management software while helps them to operate efficiently, transact accurately, order with reduced waste, reward loyal shoppers and manage employees for business growth and personal reward.

We help small and independent retailers compete in an economy dominated by large retailers.

Thanks to smart tools in our software, our retail partners can communicate the benefits of their business through several touch points during and after sales processed by our system.

By empowering small and independent retailers with outcome-focused competitive tools, oyr partners can bank terrific results.

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  1. I accept that, in spite of their meaningless advertising campaigns, Coles and Woolworth’s are not really in competition, but are operating a cartel to keep prices up. This cosy, corrupt, relationship also minimises real choice for the customer. However, many of us have no choice about where we shop for food, because these two have already squeezed out effective competition from prime sites. What is needed is a third force in Australian grocery, offering at least the same ranges as the cartel, but operating in ruthless, but honest, competition with them. Such a competitor would have to come from outside Australia, because for a period of years they would have to build up their market share. Wallmart or Tesco come to mind – as having the cash, expertise, and guts to mount such an operation.

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