Specialists in Tower Systems have been called as experts in cases of employee theft. Sometimes these cases have been heard in courts which take almost a day of travel to get to.

By the time we get through the deposition, committal hearing and trial processes we can be out many days of time in the pursuit of justice around alleged criminal behaviour.

The disruption to our business of this activity is considerable yet we accept it as part of our role as experts in the area of employee theft.

We get drawn into this work around tracking, catching and prosecuting in relation to suspected employee theft.  We have structured process to our investigative work and this is why police and prosecutors like to work with us.

Thanks to strong theft tracking and management tools in our retail management software, retailers are able to exert more control over this considerable business risk. We offer training, documentation and support to help mitigate the theft risk.

Despite our work and warnings, we are frustrated the more retailers do not make use of the tools and services at their fingertips. If they did this we could see ourselves spending less time assisting police and prosecutors. Catching theft activity early is a win for all involved.