The news reports of retailers in trouble are bad enough. The commentary suggesting a broader retail problem is more worrying.

While there is no doubt that some retail channels are doing it tough, there are other retail channels enjoying success and plenty of retailers enjoying success.

All of us in retail need to shin lights on the success stories to get the attention of the commentators and their editors who seem to think that stories of dark clouds around retail attract readers.

100% of our revenue comes from retailers. We will end the 2012 financial year with a wonderful sales increase on FY 2011. Retailers are investing in their businesses. Every day we hear success stories.

Many success stories we hear are from small and independent retailers, business owners who are active in their local shop, managing their business with a focus on a genuine local point of difference. We are thrilled to be part of some of these success stories.

While the media will continue to report retail bad news, we will continue to live success in selling to retailers and through them the success they achieve in their retail businesses.

Tower Systems sells Point of Sale software to retailers in a range of retail channels including: garden centres, jewellers, bike retailers, newsagents, homewares shops, gift shops and bookshops. The company serves in excess of 2,500 retailers in Australia, New Zealand and several other countries.