For years Tower Systems has offered a free retail business health check service to retailers using its Point of Sale software. This service provides an independent perspective of the performance of the business and how the software is being used in the business.

In addition to suggestions on business growth opportunities reflected in the business data, the retail business health check considers efficiency opportunities – to help retailers using the Tower software to get more from their IT investment.

Tower is well positioned to provide this advice and share the insights because of its many years owning and operating hits won retail businesses.

There has been a surge in 2012 in retailers wanting to participate in the retail business health check service thanks to good word of mouth from others who have engaged.

All information provided by and to participating retailers is confidential.

This is customer service beyond what us usual for a Point of Sale software company. It takes the relationship between Tower Systems and participating retail businesses to a new level, delivering a value from the relationship way beyond the traditional software help desk relationship. The results of the service alone can free cash and or drive revenue to easily pay for the entire system investment.

Tower Systems is very proud of the point of difference of the free retail business health check service.