Almost two weeks ago we announced to our retail management software customers a special hardware upgrade offer in the run up to the end of the financial year.

In addition to competitive prices for quality brand-name equipment, we promoted the following package of benefits to our customers:

  1. SUPPORT BONUS. For each $5,000 you spend we will credit supported users with an extra month of Tower Advantage software support for the location being upgraded. Spend $8,000 and you get two months … and so on.
  2. NO PAYMENTS FOR TWO MONTHS. Thanks to Flexirent your first two payments are on them. Ask us for details.
  3. INSTALLATION DISCOUNT. Our usual rate of installing new hardware is $770 (inc. GST) a day. Order by June 30, 2012 and this is cut to $550 (inc. GST) for a day.

In this package of benefits we are giving to our customers rewards for their support of us. Hardware upgrade sales through us mean one place to call for an IT query, hardware they can trust, installation by software experts.

One reason we have not increased software support fees for four years is the hardware upgrade business we achieve.