Talking with a retailer recently we heard a story about someone waiting for two days for a support call message to be returned.  This was a reasonably urgent call, the business was impacted. They had to wait two days. We think that is far too long.

Here at Tower Systems retailers calling our help desk can set their own call priority if they call does not get through immediately. This provides our customers with control and lets them know our goal for getting back to them.

For a reasonably urgent call, as noted above, our internal performance goal if they call is not resolved when the customer calls in is fifteen minutes. We have a team of people work hard to help us meet our service goals. They do their best.

Thanks to our CRM system we track our performance. This enables us to see where we don’t make our service goal and to adjust our resourcing and operations to address this.

We understand that Tower Systems, like any service business, lives or dies by the service it provides. Our growth thanks to word of mouth is an indicator that our customers like the service we provide.

Our recent considerable investment in a new CRM system is an example of us investing in our infrastructure to enable us to continue to improve our service levels.