Thanks to smart reporting in our Point of Sale software, we are able to help retailers to identify stock which is not delivering the level of return necessary to serve the retail business appropriately.

Through a range of retail management reports, our Point of Sale software guides retailers in identifying dead and under performing stock.  We have several reports which can be used as different retailers use different criteria to uncover these products.

Retailers who do not uses these dead stock identifying tools with regularity (say, twice a year) often find thousands of dollars of dead stock languishing on the shelves of their retail businesses. By identifying the stock we provide our retail partners with the first steps in turning the dead stock into cash and freeing the space for more valuable products.

As retailers ourselves, we have experience and knowledge which goes beyond the usual POS software help desk experience in this area. We are able to help our retail partners to deliver for themselves a real difference to the return on investment they achieve from the stock they carry … thanks to smart reporting tools and professional guidance and help in proper use of these.