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No Carbon Tax price rise from Tower Systems

We have taken time to consider the impact of the Carbon Tax on our software development and sales business, to determine how our operating costs will increase and when. There is no doubt that we face some cost pressure.

We will not be increasing our prices and fees as a result of the Carbon Tax.

Retailers using our Point of Sale software now and those who contemplating the purchase of our software can rest assured that our pricing will not alter because of the Carbon Tax.

We are making this announcement to provide the 2,000+ small businesses we serve with certainty and to reflect our confidence that we can manage the financial impact of the Carbon Tax on our business in a way which serves our needs and the needs of our customers.

There is plenty of negative noise from some politicians and certain sections of the media about the Carbon Tax. Our view is that this talks down consumer and business confidence. This is unfortunate since we should be focused on the considerable good news in the marketplace at the moment.

We are ending the 2011/12 financial year on a strong footing and are happy to share the fruits of this with this announcement about the carbon tax and our announcement at the start of the year that for the fourth year in a row we will not increase our software support fees.



  1. Hey Mark,
    It’s a Carbon price mechanism not a tax that they are ramming down our throats every time you here from this gov’t!!!


  2. True enough. It’s almost identical to what John Howard proposed.


  3. Agree with that.


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