In our work with small business retailers here at Tower Systems we get to see first hand the value small business retailers bring to their local communities. It is a privilege to witness the commitment of these local retailers to their communities.

While big retail businesses capture the attention of media outlets, small retailers work in the trenches delivering more authentic and greater value to local communities. We see this every day and the esteem with which these retailers are held by locals.

Local independent and small retailers are vital to Australian communities for many reasons including:

  • Hiring locally.
  • Supporting local clubs and community groups.
  • Making products available locally and thereby saving costs.
  • Carrying on local traditions.
  • Supporting the local narrative.
  • Supporting the local economy.
  • Investing more of every dollar in sales back into the local community in one way or another.

Any assessment of how much of every dollar spent with a national retailer stays in the local community versus the same metric for a local small business retailer and the local small business retailer is more valuable to the local community by far.

Small and independent retailers are important to the communities in which they serve.

Just as small and independent retailers support local communities, so to should local communities support small and independent retailers ahead of their bigger competitors.

Tower Systems is thrilled to help small business retailers in their support of local communities. Using our retail management software, retailers are able to support community groups, raise much needed funds and track community engagement in a range of ways.