We have an ad running online for a new Perth based POS software installation and training person. This new role is in response to a 200% lift in sales in Western Australia in the last year.

Given all the noise in the media about challenges for retailers and the dual speed economy, we talked to some of our recent customers to get their thoughts, especially why they are investing with us.

Good retailers are doing well, their businesses are growing. The trick is what makes them good, that varies business to business. For some it is decisions made years ago around their point of difference, for others it is cost management and for others it is brilliant marketing.

Our exposure to so many retail businesses in Western Australia is proving to be instructive as we are learning from businesses in a broad variety of situations. The learnings we are taking on will help us better serve retailers around the country.

If you know someone with good IT skills and a desire to help small business retailers, please have them make contact with us.