While newsagents are concerned about the impact on their businesses of the digital future outlined Monday by Fairfax and a similar strategy expected in days from News Limited, we are working with our 1,800+ newsagent customers to help them grow their businesses in new areas.

The decisions by newspaper publishers to pursue growth in digital platforms as engagement with print declines were not unexpected to us.

Thanks to smart business management tools, newsagents using our software are able to leverage more value from each customer contact in their newsagency, they are able to use our newsagency software to bring shoppers back more often and to reach out beyond their businesses in search of new shoppers.

Reports in our software show retail newsagents where there may be opportunities in-store to further diversify their businesses.  We back the reports with insights from experts in our business, sharing ideas with newsagents as we find when analysing newsagent performance data.

With local community connections most important for newsagents, our software helps newsagents reinforce this through a range of touch points embedded in our software. We help newsagents play to their local community strengths.

While the news of the last few days has been challenging for newsagents, it has reinforced our commitment to and guidance of newsagency businesses as retailers of the future.

We are excited to be helping many newsagency embrace and leverage change for their future.