While some retailers are bemoaning the inroads online retailers are having on their high street store sales, we are working with, and loving, gift shop retailers who operate high street gift shops as well as online businesses. Using our gift shop software, these retailers are able to have a single inventory source for both businesses.

Yes, that’s right. Clever inventory management tools in our gift shop management software helps gift and homewares retailers to manage both businesses more easily.

Through our web store bridge we enable easy sales and inventory data sharing between two platforms – online and offline.  This is smart software serving smart retailers and we are thrilled to be part of the solution.

As a partner of the AGHA and committed to helping Australian gift and homewares retailers build stronger and more valuable businesses, we continue to evolve our software so that our customers can achieve even more from operative both online and offline.

Our next gift shop software update is a couple of weeks away and this update will deliver even more to the many gift shops who partner with us.  Guidance from retailers using our software is helping us to evolve our software in line with changing needs of the gift and homewares retail channels.