Jewellers and their staff are terrific users of our Jeweller specific retail management software. They trek deep into the software seeking out facilities and reports to give their business a commercial advantage.

Our experience with jewellers has seen us develop specialist training to help them embrace our software in a whole of business way. The result is exciting for us as we see what jewellers achieve using the facilities in our software … facilities like customer relationship management, shopper loyalty, LayBys, repairs management and the like. Using our software jewellers are able to manage each touch point in their business drive thereby better drive the success of the business.

From our help desk to our installation and training teams we have ensured that our people are skilled in jeweller specific needs to hep them help our jeweller customers leverage our software for greater success.

As we enhance our jeweller software so do we enhance the training we provide – to our own people as well as to our customers.  We know that good training equals better commercial outcomes.