While big business retailers spend big on telling Australian shoppers how good their loyalty programs are, small business retailers across this wonderful country are delivering loyalty programs that offer better value.

Based on our work with small business retailers implementing VIP and shopper loyalty programs using our POS software we have no doubt that small business beats big business in this area every time.

The different is the purpose of the loyalty program.

For big business retailers, loyalty programs are about getting shopper data so that the businesses can market to shoppers. Our experience is that small business loyalty programs are all about, well, rewarding shoppers for their loyalty.

It’s odd isn’t it?! Small businesses genuinely appreciate shopper loyalty and they want to say thank you. Big business wants more … like the fat kid at the table who has had more than enough and could live for a month on stored energy wanting more.

We love the opportunity to help small business retailers make the most of loyalty marketing tools. Indeed, feedback from some of our really out there customers are helping us make our loyalty and VIP software even better. We love this! We love enhancing our software and helping our customers get more … because we get more too.