One three days last week we got to spend time in the businesses of more than thirty retailers using our Point of Sale software in Perth.  We flew in experts form our national help desk to Perth for this project, to deliver free personal assistance above and beyond what is usual for a software company dealing with retailers.

The meetings were booked in advance so that our customers had resources available to make the most of the opportunity.

In some visits we provided free personalised training in our software while in others we answered questions they had prepared in advance of the visit.  Each visit helped our customers and their employees learn more about our software and us to learn more about our customers and their needs.  It’s a genuine win win … well worth the thousands of dollars we spent in time, airfare, accommodation and other costs.

The Perth visits a week ago are further evidence of our commitment to delivering surprise and genuine value in the relationships with our customers. The feedback from our customers has been wonderful.